Marketing isn’t just one thing. It’s everything from developing a strategy to building the brand to designing logos and advertising. Optimizing websites and integrating digital strategies. Dave Creek can guide you through a full range of marketing options and give you the strategies to help you grow your business.


We offer many products that fit into each category. Some are made to captivate, motivate, or activate your specific clientele while others can do all three. 

Social Media

We develop social strategies that are on-brand and connect you with your fans. We maintain your brand’s tone & reputation while also increasing your follower growth through unique content, timely planned posts, and relational engagement.

Digital Advertising

Advertising through digital platforms proves to be highly effective in today’s culture. To bring growth to your business, we target custom audiences, deliver the right message, & optimize performance.

Content Creation

Your online presence should motivate consumers to interact with your brand. We create content that expresses your brand and brings engagement through photography, video, & copywriting.

Website Design

We build and customize websites with search-engine-optimized copy, personal content, integrated tools, & everything in between to meet your needs. The look and feel of your website should influence visitors to engage with your brand.

Graphic Design

We design for both print and digital - business cards, flyers, brochures, social media graphics, and so much more.

Reporting & Optimization

Attracting your ideal customer requires testing & learning. We monitor your ad performance through consistent reporting and optimizing; identifying problems and finding the best solution for you.


We design brand identities, custom to your business, that make a powerful statement. Curating your brand identity includes the creation of a logo design, style guides with font packages, color schemes, & portrays the overall tone of your business.


By monitoring how visitors engage with your digital marketing efforts, you have a unique ability to serve relevant and targeted messaging. Every step of the customer journey is tracked to optimize and increase performance.

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