Part-Time Photographer

Photographer Part-Time

We are looking for a photographer to help tell client stories.  


We are not just looking for someone who can operate a camera but someone who can creatively, through photography, communicate with, inspire and motivate the viewer.  Our clients desire to “stand out from the noise”, to be different from their competition.


The photographer will have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients including medical, financial, recruiting, retail and more.  


Depending on skillset, casting and location selection could be included.


It is expected that photographer will work 10 – 15 hours per week.


Having their own equipment is a plus but not required.  We continue to invest in new equipment driven by the needs of our clients.


Being able to edit photos is a requirement.


One of the most important requirements is fit within our culture.  Below are our Core Values as an indication of our culture.


  • Always do the right thing, always.

  • Value people over profits.

  • Look for ways to exceed expectations.

  • Put yourself on the client side of the table.

  • Be willing to sign your name to everything you do.


Dave Creek Media is a fast growing startup having been in business for just over 18 months.  However, the founders have years of experience and actually coach other businesses.